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Made From The Heart

Fabulous Homemade gift ideas for Mother's Day

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Give Mom A Break This Year

Give your Mom a gift that will give her the break she deserves!

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Meal Planning

Between all of the cleaning, work, homework help, laundry, and motherly advice, we Moms have to find time to cook…

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Don’t Forget to Drink Your Water

We need to drink water every day to keep our skin, hair and bodies healthy. The standard amount of water…

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Dealing with the Stress of Being a Parent
mother and sonBecoming a parent is a life changing event, and while bringing up children certainly can be a joyful experience there's no denying that it can also place huge stresses on you as a mother or father. Commonly recommended ways of dealing with stress in other areas of life tend to involve 'getting away from it all', such as visits to the gym or a game of squash to release the tension. However, being a parent is a full time job and it's not always possible to take time out in this way.

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